Monday, May 7, 2012

riding bikes with boys

yesterday, we got out on our first family bike ride of the season! it felt so good once we finally got moving. i will fully admit that after i spent all day saturday outside, soaking wet and freezing in a snowy blizzard (selling rain barrels and composters for work) followed by an evening of baths, spicy soup, and layers and layers of scarves, sweaters and blankets trying to get warm - that the idea of being outside in the semi-crisp spring air while exerting ANY amount of energy was not in the least bit appealing. but jeff convinced me (re: sulked until i agreed) and we had a really wonderful day. finn loves bike rides- jeff takes him quite regularly. he sits in the chariot and reads books, snacks on treats, chats to himself and soaks up every minutes of out-doorsie goodness. yesterdays adventure took us to a really great yard sale - they had TONS of old window frames, vintage tin cans and CHAIRS! it was a little bit like chair heaven for me, but given we were on bike and literally do not have a single place to but another chair, i was (somehow) able to muster up a bit of self control and walk away empty handed. afterward, we biked over to a nearby park and finn had a great time playing and running around (he insisted on keeping his helmet on, so we looked like those parents). It was such a nice afternoon spent with my boys and the perfect kick-off to warmer, sunny days. oh summer - how we have truly missed you!

what i woke up to saturday - it only got worse.
stoked to be bringing his baseball glove and ball! 

loved the teeter tooter!

afterward, we stopped by to visit our new friends, the walkers! finn and faith had WAY too much fun chasing each other around, throwing crayons our the patio door and colouring with sidewalk chalk. superfun afternoon!
(i will soon share the beautiful reclaimed wood signs faith's dad made for our wedding! they are amazing!! - both the walkers and the signs! :) )