Wednesday, June 20, 2012

all things new again

i cant even start to explain how good it feels to be home again. every morning i wake up and breathe the happiest sigh of relief that i get to spend the day with finn doing whatever we feel like doing. i feel like a new person. my energy and spirit seem to have doubled over night and, even though i have been sick (yes, again. or still...) and it has been raining ALL week, nothing seems to be able to stop us from enjoying every minute!

when i finished up at work last week, i made a conscious decision to 'cleanse' some of the negative energy that had built up over the last year. clear out the stale and no longer needed feelings of discontent, and breathe in happiness, patience, kindness, abundant energy, and the ability to be fully present with my family and friends during our time together. last night i started my negativity detox with an incredible reiki session with my beautiful friend, gisa. there were several times during the session that i felt some crazy things happening and it was amazing to have one full hour of quiet meditative time to myself. i honestly don't know if that has EVER happened before. afterward gisa said there were moments when her hair was standing on end from the flow of energy between the two of us. so incredible! long story short, i feel amazing today and am so excited for the next couple of events in this energy transformation. only good things are in store for this mama! i will keep you posted as to how they each go.

so- what have we been up to this week? well, lots!! we have been swimming (finn wasnt so sure about that in the beginning, but of course, when it was time to go, it was not an easy task to lure him out of the pool.) yesterday we spent the morning at the library playing life-sized chess and picking out lots of books, and today we went to butterfield acres farm where we saw baby goats and bunnies and tiny chicks. finn loved it and all afternoon kept saying 'more bunny? more goat? more cow?' (we didn't see a cow.) summary of how im feeling lately - rad.

on a side note, finn has been called a girl no less than 8 times this week. it doesnt bother me at all and i never correct them, but i sometimes feel bad that when people make that mistake, it makes THEM feel bad (which it shouldn't, but our culture is kinda super weird about gender stuff..) anyways, finn's hair is getting a little scraggly - should we cut it?