Wednesday, June 6, 2012

right now...

sorry for the silence around here lately- jeff's wonderful parents had been visiting us for just shy of a week and i of course, got deathly sick just as they arrived. a flu bug swooped in and made me a sleepy faced, tummy aching mess their entire visit. i tried to make the best of it and get out on a few dates with jeff and visits with friends while we had the most wonderful live-in babysitters, but i am just now starting to feel like myself again. i still have the wind knocked out of my sails, but definitely on the mend and on route to being completely healed- just in time to get back into the normal everyday routine.

right now i'm...
  • sipping tea, snacking on apricots and procrastinating doing any real work.
  • contemplating a big move. where will the wind take us?
  • planning an afternoon farmers market visit.
  • smiling as the sun peeks its head through the grey clouds that have hoovered over my city the last few days.
  • daydreaming about popsicle. 
  • looking forward to saturday! wedding crafts, organizing and planning with my sweet becky! (omg becks, your wedding is so soon!)
  • a little groggy from too much japanese food.
  • contemplating ordering this sweet wooden tea pot for finn (he LOVES having tea parties lately)
  • feeling excited that my remaining days of work are becoming numbered!
  • wondering if i will ever get around to gardening. sigh- not enough hours in the days it seems.
  • happy that my parents are getting settled in their new house! looking forward to spending many warm summer days playing in backyard with finn.
  • feeling content and fulfilled in many areas of life.
  • thinking of tackling this cute ruffled belt diy over the weekend - i have been desperately trying to find a green belt to go with my bridemaids dress for becky's wedding, but this might be the answer to our problems!
  • sending so much love to the ones i love the most! happy wednesday!! xo
jeffs parents brought a couple of hockey sticks out for finn - he likes them just a little.