Thursday, July 12, 2012

every party has a pooper.

stampede has kidnapped my city. the centennial birthday means more 'cowboys' on every street corner and more busyness than i have ever experienced. it probably comes as no surprise that we aren't really stampede goers - quite the opposite actually. i don't know if i am hyper-senetive this year or if its actually crazier than usual, but i find myself a little on edge. there seems to be so much chaos! so many sirens passing day and night, so much noise, garbage, clutter, beer cans, hecticness- everywhere we go. i appreciate that most of the city if having a lot of fun this week, but i am also looking forward to a little bit of quiet, a small amount of calm, and enjoying a somewhat slower pace in our beloved city.

(ok, i won't lie - the crazy additions to the midway food this year sounds pretty wild! bacon sundae funnel cake, deep-fried kool-aide and jalapeƱo corn dogs?! whaaaat??)

1 comment:

  1. I find celebrations that are mainly for children that are embraced by adults as a chance to act childish are very offputting. I include Stampede, Halloween and a few others I can't remember right now in that. Especially once you have kids and you want them to innocently enjoy a fair or cowboy fantasies but you have 35 yr old drunk idiots ruining it for them. call me a pooper too.