Sunday, July 1, 2012

toddler pals

last week we had a reunion with almost all of the babies from our prenatal birth class (we missed you dearly, krista & carter!) i have written before about how grateful i am to have met all these wonderful woman, their husbands and children, and for a couple of them now, their second babies, but this last get together reiterated just how lucky we are. as our littles grow older and wilder, it definitely becomes more challenging to find the time and space to connect as often as we once did when our babes were just bitty new borns breast feeding and sleeping all day long while their mamas gabbed and ordered in pizza- but thursday was a kind reminder of that time and a truly wonderful morning spent in great company! i'm so thankful - to be able to watch all our children grow up, play, learn and enjoy being around one another, and to have wonderful, inspiring, and connected woman to lean on, vent to, learn from and laugh with. so much love for all of you!

(you can see a few older group pictures here and here... all just seems like yesterday!)

L to R: carly, ellen, malek, gethin, finn, athena & victor.