Friday, August 31, 2012

foodie pen pal

a few weeks back, i stumbled upon a friend of a friends blog- in it, she mentioned how she had signed up to be part of a foodie pen pal swap. the general idea is you spend $15 on a selection of a few cool food things- whether it be local treasures, some of your favourite snacks or a random smattering of yummy treats, and you mail it to the person you are paired up with! so cool, right? especially for someone like me who LOVE food and loves getting mail!

this month, i got a delicious parcel from carol over at . here is a breakdown of what i received!

1 - coco libre organic coconut water - carol mentioned this was one of her favourite treats. i somehow missed the whole coconut water bandwagon, so im really excited to try this once its chilled!

2 - nutri crunch hemp seeds -  i am snacking on these as i type! SO yummy! they are seasoned with himalayan salt and organic kelp and are the PERFECT fix for my afternoon crunchy/ salty craving! yippy for new favourite things!

3 - apple larabar - always a nice treat when you just need a little pick me up. i haven't had the apple flavour before, so thanks for this new adventure!

4 - camino organic fair trade golden cane sugar - this is a staple in our kitchen and we were starting to run low, so thank you for saving me a trip to the grocery store! love this stuff!

also included was a sweet handwritten note on a christmas card (haha!) brought a smile to my face. what a wonderful little package! thank you so much, carol!!

if you are interested in learning more about the foodie pen pal program (or if you want to sign up to be part of it- do it!) visit the lean green bean website to find out all the details. it was really fun and so neat to pick out a few of my favourite things and receive someone else's in return! i will likely take a break from it this month (i just figure we will be a little busy with wedding stuff) but i really look forward to taking part again in the coming months.

if you want to see what i sent to my foodie pen pal diane, you can visit her blog HERE.