Thursday, August 23, 2012

life lately (according to my iphone)

as it always does, summer has swept in and taken over our lives. like most people this time of year, we are busy! the funny thing is, i cant really tell you what we have been up to. nothing too noteworthy, just lots of outside time - farmers markets, parks, pools, zoos, hanging out in the front yard... time with friends, family and LOTS of time preparing for our little wedding! (44 days away - how did that happen!?) as fast as summer sneaks in and steals your heart, its seems she is on her way out again. the days are shorter, the evenings and early mornings crisper, and i have already spotted a couple of yellowing trees. but right now - lets just be in the moment and love every warm, sunshine-filled day we have left.
watching the thunder storm
LOVED the new penguin exhibit at the zoo
this is YEAH YEAH - finn adopted him from the zoo
running around at the skatepark

having a water break under the ramps with mama
finn's auto shop open for business
science centre fun
i think our teepee needs a revamp!
the housing coop finn and i built
a room filled with rice = little boy heaven!