Saturday, August 4, 2012

yarn wrapped pipe cleaner words

i have been seeing yarn wrapped pipe cleaner words all over the place lately - first on pinterest, then over at ohdeardrea - but got my final push to try it out after my blogger friend chloe posted a really cute 'saves the day' lyric inspired diy on her site. i definitely want to do something with this for the wedding - i'm not sure what yet, but figured i would start with something little for a first attempt. a surprisingly easy project that just take a bit of patience. enjoy!

step 1: gather some pipe cleaners

pardon my dirty floors and chippy toes. 
step 2: twist a bunch of them together and form your word (it doesnt need to be perfect - its going to get all muddled up when you start wrapping it in yarn and once its all wrapped, it's much easier to form the letters and get them to stay in place)

step 3: gather some yarn - you can use lots of colours or just one. i went with the ever exciting- grey.

step 4: start wrapping around the pipe cleaners. once done, rework the letters and - taa-daa!! there you go! 

step 5: hang it somewhere! easy, right? 

and a random picture of finn being a cool dude.