Wednesday, September 26, 2012

magic wands (and other back-firing crafts)

finn and i have been doing quite a few little impromptu craft projects these days. usually invented as a last ditch attempt to get him to agree to something i need. for example- he was sleeping with his new collection of schleich animals every night. he woke up after a nap with a large scratch on his nose which when i asked him about it, he told me came from the horn of his mama ox. after trying to explain to him that he probably shouldn't be sleeping with an ox (and her baby and an elephant and a panda) and having him totally melt down around the idea, we decided to make the animals their own bed. finn picked out different fabrics for sheets, pillows and blankets, and although it did not solve the problem of these animals sleeping in finn's bed, they at least have a container to keep them from floating around and scratching him in the middle of the night.

the other day i was struggling trying to get finn to help me with... i don't even remember what - he doesn't like doing much of anything i ask of him lately, but thought whatever we were doing might be more fun with a magic wand. finn again picked out the fabric and ribbon to be added to his wand, and we had a great time casting 'spells' and using it to get finn to agree to help pick up his toys or make his bed. this afternoon i was sitting enjoying a coffee (for the first time in what felt like days) when finn comes over to me with his magic wand. he start waving it at me saying 'mama clean the kitchen now - go!' a taste of my own medicine i suppose, but a little memory that made me burst out laughing.

ps- i cut finn's hair


  1. hahaha! I think I need a spell to make me clean my kitchen right about now.. SO, I see the little guy is in underwear.. how was that transition? Gus is a toilet pro so long as he doesn't have pants on but as soon as the underwear is put on.. I'm afraid we're going to do nothing but backtrack once winter gets here and pants are necessary. Tips?

    1. julie, its funny as finn was the same way when we started! totally fine so long as he didnt have anything on, but as soon as the underwear or pants came out, he treated them like diapers. we just kept taking our time. hanging out close to home- nude, and then every couple of days trying some underpants with conversations around how we would try really hard to keep them dry and reminding him (constantly) to tell us when he needed to go. slowly it just started to stick. lots of laundry, but all in all, a REALLY easy and smooth transition. sounds like gus is totally on the right track! oh and chocolate bunny cookies and the 'pee pee on the pottie' dances helped too :) good luck mama!!