Thursday, November 8, 2012

a pretty update and right now...

well, it's been a little quiet around here lately (i'm pretty sure my last 5 posts have all started with this same statement) but winter is dumping its beautiful bitter-sweetness on us, and that always means slower, less hectic days, and evenings filled with hot tea and plenty of writing time. 

the blog has been in desperate need of a revamp for a while now, and today i finally found the inspiration to complete it (and perhaps an inadvertent fresh restart!) i'm definitely looking forward to sharing what the next little while has in store for us, and the new energy in this space will definitely help with the inspiration. 

for now, i will leave you with what is happening in my world- 

right now i'm...

feeling grateful for the productive afternoon i have had (and finn's remarkably long nap!)
dreaming about new bookshelves to house all our worldly treasures
seeing snow sprinkle down and cover my city with its incredible pureness
excited for diwali dinner on friday! finn got an adorable little suit from mayuri and shashi and i got a new sari!
listening to the september mix tape on sappy apples blog 
noticing books sprawled everywhere - finn is a messy little bookworm
wondering what to make for dinner - it definitely feels like a chowder/ stew/ chilli night
looking forward to getting our wedding pictures next week! i cant wait to share some of them with all of you
planning our 12 days of christmas - random acts of community project. i feel really excited that finn will be able to participate and understand a bit more this time around.
thinking i need to order the new smitten kitchen cookbook. LOVE!
wanting my slippers! freezing feet!
loving two new books i recently got - the new book of family traditions + french kids eat everything (and yours can too!) i highly recommend both of these for all mama's and papa's out there! 
sending so much love to the ones i love the most! xo

jeff took this on our mini-honeymoon. you can see more on his website