Monday, November 12, 2012

beeswax candles

i have an undying love for beeswax - that sweet honey smell, incredible golden colour, the unique naturalness (that is so hard to find in candles these days). so when i stumbled upon a diy post over at a beautiful mess on making your own beeswax candles, i of course was super excited to give it a try!

a few additional notes to the instructions outlined on the beautiful mess post - here in calgary, you can purchase beeswax from soap and more - a 5lb brick runs about $35 and made 10 candles in mason jars of various sizes. in hindsight, the beeswax pellets would be much easier to work with (i came across a post HERE about the ease of working with the pellets) but the cost difference was prohibitive given the quantity of candles i wanted to make. the solid brick was fine, but i had to get jeff to help me with breaking it into smaller sized pieces. i also used a double boiler to melt the wax - mostly because i didn't want to ruin a pot, but also because you can regulate the temperature a bit better than having it directly over the burner. wax is flammable, so you do need to be careful when melting it. if you have a thermometer, use it and keep the temperature below 185°F.

happy candle making! 


  1. cute!! i've always wanted to make my own candles. Perfect little extra gifts at christmas.


  2. Replies
    1. um, i guess it depeds on the size, but they seem to burn as long as regular candles of the same size would.

  3. Awesome! I should give those a try. I bought a huge block of beeswax a couple of years ago at a farmers market for $8!! This year I'll be harvesting my own :)

  4. Hey Jes,
    Me and a coworker are going to do this (for real!) and she is dying to do it with colours, like red/green. Do you have any idea if this would work? Haha, now you're the candle expert!