Monday, November 12, 2012

packing up

well, it's officially official. we are moving to vancouver! it feels crazy, surreal, exciting, nerve racking, sad and a little stressful saying it out loud. Jeff has accepted an incredible position as editor at skateboard canada magazine and will be starting pretty much right away. we are looking to be moved out there and settled sometime toward the beginning of january. this has really been a long time coming - months and months have passed since this job originally presented itself as a possibility, but now that its finalized, it seems to all be happening so quickly. of course we are so sad to be leaving our family and friends. calgary will always be home to me and the incredible people that live here just amplify that feeling. i know we will make friends and grow relationships with people out there that we already love- and i am a little excited to be moving to another truly incredible city -  i know it will be a wild adventure and i look forward to everything thats just around the corner waiting for us. bitter sweet.

in the mean time, we are trying to rent our condo. i wanted to post some pictures here to remember our space by - we have lived here for almost 7 years, so to say it housed a lot of our memories together feels like an understatement. if you know of anyone who is awesome and looking to rent a 1 bedroom inner-city condo with a private fenced in yard, send them our way!

calgary, we will always love you ~ xo