Thursday, November 29, 2012

too much stuff

its funny to me that as a self proclaimed ruthless organizer (well, maybe more than self proclaimed, i guess i do it professionally for a living) and someone who continually preaches about the importance of purging, getting rid of and then not bringing back in useless stuff, that i myself would have endless, overwhelming, ginormous piles of crazy amounts of stuff. i started packing up our tiny home. we have a pretty small space, but everything always fit here - i have spent tireless weekends purging and getting rid of what we aren't using any longer (we live across the street from a goodwill, so we take donations over weekly). but we also have tons of cupboards, shelves, nooks and crannies and secret hiding places to fit all of our super important possessions, and now that i'm pulling it all out, its just SO MUCH! and its everywhere! cupboards and cupboards of stuff. and after spending an entire day just looking at it all, im tempted to just turn my back and walk away. i packed 13 boxes yesterday and barely made a dent. and its so hard to know what to pack that we wont need over the next few weeks and what should be left to the last minute. oh, and packing with a two year old while on day 15 of being a single parent (jeff has been in vancouver training and house hunting) - its kind of making me bonkers. but, i guess it will get done. as jeff's mom perfectly described it, its like trying to move an elephant- our elephant just happens to be MUCH larger than i thought it was.