Monday, December 3, 2012

jasmin rose himalayen bath salts

every christmas i usually opt to make a few handmade goodies. this year with us moving on december 15th, i knew whatever i made had to be easy and had to get done right away.  i had quite a few amber glass bottles left over from the wedding, and thought that jasmin and rose (two of my favourite scents) mixed with himalayen sea salt would blend perfectly to become a wonderful cold winter treat! so SO simple to make but so beautiful and relaxing to receive!

:: ingredients ::
himalayan sea salt (epsom salt would also work well, but i love the soft coral pink colour of himalayan)
dried rose petals
jasmin tea balls (optional)
jasmine essential oil (i used a blend with neroli - i wore it on my wedding day!)
a pretty container to house it all

:: directions ::
add the sea salt and a small hand full of rose petals and jasmine tea to a mixing bowl. add around 10-15 drops of essential oil (more or less to your scent liking) and mix well. pour into a sealable container and enjoy!

a few notes: i used a cheap (re: disposable) plastic bowl to mix everything up in as, even after washing, the jasmine oil will likely linger in your good dishes. i also used chop sticks (again, disposable) to stir it all together. i purchased most of the ingredients in bulk from soap and more here in calgary (including the amber glass bottles) and the jasmine oil came from favourite essential oil shop, sage natural wellness. of course you could use any scents or little additives to make your own unique bath salt blend- get creative and make something the speaks to your senses. i bought a 3 kg bag of himalayan salt and it made x11 250mL bottles of bath salts with just enough left over for me to have one really wonderful bath!

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