Thursday, January 24, 2013

a tiny kitchen

our new kitchen is ever so small. in comparison to our last space, its TINY. but i have quickly grown to completely love its quaintness. keeping it clean is a breeze as there are literally no counters to wipe down, and living without a dishwasher (which was originally a potential deal breaker for me) has quickly become the simplest of chores (if you can even call it that). its orderly and streamlined and every thing has a place of its own. its perfectly wonderful, which, with my love of cooking, i never thought could be true. the dining room is slightly more spacious. its shadowy and moody and the perfect little nook for early morning oatmeal sharing and late afternoon tea sipping. i love it almost as much.

again, this space is still a work in progress. i hope to find a vintage jam cupboard to replace the simple (but cheap!) ikea shelf we currently have housing all our food. i also want to find some new dining room chairs. we sold our old ones before the move, but haven't quite found the perfect replacements. the seating as is is a mish-mash of old chairs we had laying around paired with a rather uncomfortable bench (that will be moving outdoors once the new chairs are found.) but searching is half the fun... or so i'm told. ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

finn's room

we are getting closer to being unpacked and settled in to our new space, so i thought it might be nice to share a few pictures. finn's room has been a much anticipated space with this move. as most of you know, our home in calgary only had one bedroom so for finn to be able to have his own space (complete with his very own 'big boy bed') has been a big deal for all of us. his room is still a bit of a work in progress - i want to add some curtains and continue to add/ make some pieces to go with the bedding that has started to take shape, but its well on its way to being a really fun and beautiful space for our sweet babe. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

a few (sunny) days in vancouver

well, its official~ we now live in vancouver! finn and i arrived late last week and have spent that last few days unpacking, exploring, unpacking, walking, unpacking and organizing. there is no shortage of things left to do in order to make this house a home, but we are definitely on the right track and starting to feel a bit more settled. i would be lying if i said its been an easy or natural transition. i miss my mom, family and friends- more than i actually thought i would. but as with all things in life, these feelings are mostly natural and, the worst of them, only temporary. we just need to give it some more time. 


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Photographs

well 2012, you were pretty darn good to us. 2013 is sure to have a whole new bag of treasures in store as we move to a new city and set out on a ton of new adventures, but for now, a little reminiscing in my favourite memories from the last 12 months.

happy new year, friends! thank you so much for all your love and support in 2012 and cheers to an incredible 2013!!












happy 2013, everyone!! xo