Monday, February 25, 2013

photos with my munchkin

finn loves taking pictures in the photo booth on our computer. and i love stumbling across them weeks/months/years later and seeing how much he has changed. oh life, slow down a little.

a few recent pics...

and two old favs

Sunday, February 24, 2013


'A portrait of my loves, once a week, every week, in 2013.'

Saturday, February 23, 2013

cates park

we had one of the nicest days this week exploring a new park with a new friend (that feels like someone i've known forever). a perfect and sunny afternoon of our kiddos running, throwing rocks, chasing dogs, climbing trees, giggling and only ever stopping to shove a snack in their mouths or quickly take off their sweater. the kind of day sweet childhood memories are made of.

thank you carli. you and your family are simply perfect!

Friday, February 22, 2013

happy everything

last week was full of love here in the thorburn house. valentines days (jeff's incredible friend, matt, offered to babysit finn so jeff and i were able to go out for a wonderful love-day dinner!) followed by jeff's birthday! we have been trying to be a bit more thoughtful with our spending since the move (i hope to write more about this in a later blog post...) and having only lived in vancouver for a month and a half, my knowledge of all that the city has to offer is quite limited. because of this, i thought a little scavenger hunt around our neighbourhood to a few of our favourit spots might be something fun for all of us to do. i sparred jeff any embarrassment that scavenger hunts traditionally have associated with them and just made up 5 little clues- when he figured it out and we finished up at that destination, i gave him his next clue. very simple, but hopefully something a little more thoughtful than just a card or the traditional dinner out. i also made some killer burritos for dinner that night- i will share that recipe another time.
jeff on his 8th birthday
finns handmade valentines for his buds
the valentine finn made for jeff
sugar cookies are my favourite treat- so i made them for jeff for valentines day

scavenger hunt clues (see below if you interested in what the cards said)
one of the stops on our hunt was the skatepark- the boys had fun
playing baseball
oh, these guys xo
here are the clues for the scavenger hunt in case you were interested. fair warning though- they are pretty cheesy. :) 

#1- Today is your birthday! Hip hip hooray! To celebrate we have a game to play. We've hidden your present and a couple of clues. Find your first one near the juice that goes 'moo'
(clue #2 was beside the milk)

#2 - 49.25745 & -123.16325 - you will be one lucky guy if you know what this clue means. let's get our order to-go, there's lots more to be seen. 
(49th parallel coffee shop and lucky's donuts)

#3 - there are playgrounds and skateparks all over the place but this one is special- our communities namesake. 
(Mount Pleasant Park- 16th & Ontario)

#4 - By now youre probably hungry, so you can lead the way- pizza, maybe sushi? Just no burritos today :) 
(Jeff got to pick where we went from here)

#5 - These tiny yellow flowers are considered weeds, but they are Finns favourite! perhaps you'll find something you need. 
(Dandelion Emporium - they had lots of neat little things- records, pocket knives, vintage stuff... a good shop to end on)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

our bedroom

continuing on with the house tour, a few pictures of our bedroom. it was a tricky space to photograph- the lighting isn't the best - especially on gloomy grey days that this city is known for, so i apologize for the photo quality. also, these images were taken on a couple of different days, hence the variance in lighting/ exposure... sorry.

i only wanted one thing for this space - for it to be mellow and (relatively) clutter free. after sharing a bedroom with finn for the last 2.5 years, you can bet that having a space filled with the stuff of 3 humans was starting to wear thin. our new room is light, orderly, and has two really large closets that have pretty much made my life. as with all the past rooms i have blogged about, this one is also still a work in progress. we are searching for a low and long mid century modern dresser to replace to the (old) ikea cupboards i have had since i was 18. i also would eventually like to get a new bed frame- something a little lower to the ground.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


'A portrait of my loves, once a week, every week, in 2013.'

Sunday, February 17, 2013


'A portrait of my loves, once a week, every week, in 2013.'


'A portrait of my loves, once a week, every week, in 2013.'


'A portrait of my loves, once a week, every week, in 2013.'

Friday, February 15, 2013

a few good looking cookbooks

i have felt a little uninspired in the kitchen lately- just that rut of only cooking the same few recipes you have cooked over and over for years (well, that is if i cook at all... there have been a lot of salads, pasta and take-out happening in our house since the move...) but i feel a change coming! i was recently peeking through my amazon wish list and noticed a yummy theme.. lots of beautiful cookbooks!! here are a couple that i will be trying to hunt down in the near future.

what katie ate
the photographs! oh those beautiful images! 'what katie ate' is a blog i have followed for quite a while now. she has some of the most beautiful food photos i have ever seen EVER. something about the moody colours and imperfect perfectness of it all - i love all the drips and dribbles that we are so naturally accustomed to making disappear before taking a picture. katie is a master of food styling and makes even the simplest of foods look irresistible.

Smitten Kitchen
smitten kitchen is one of my all time favourite food blogs - deb posts some of the most amazing and incredible tasting food. if ever you are hunting for a perfect recipe, sk's archives are sure to have a few variations that always impress- i have yet to cook a recipe from the smitten kitchen blog that hasn't been an instant favourite in my house. this cookbook has been on my wish list since its release date but for now, the website will most definitely tide me over. (there is a 185 person wait list for this one at the library! yikes!)

the sprouted kitchen
i'm not sure what it is, but since our move i have been craving fresh whole foods. so many salads and vegetables... crisp crunchy greens and complex natural flavours. its been a wonderful and welcome change, but i have quirky run out of ideas on how to spruce up mixed greens and vinaigrette. this book looks like it could add a little bit of excitement to my everyday, usually-the-same creations.

a year of pies
no secrets here- i LOVE pie. a lot. and love the idea of making it a sunday tradition in our house. when we were in calgary, we would head over to my parents every sunday night for a big family dinner. its definitely something i miss the most since moving to vancouver... maybe pie could help fill that void :)

footnote: all photographs in this post respectfully borrowed from their owners blogs/ archives.