Friday, February 22, 2013

happy everything

last week was full of love here in the thorburn house. valentines days (jeff's incredible friend, matt, offered to babysit finn so jeff and i were able to go out for a wonderful love-day dinner!) followed by jeff's birthday! we have been trying to be a bit more thoughtful with our spending since the move (i hope to write more about this in a later blog post...) and having only lived in vancouver for a month and a half, my knowledge of all that the city has to offer is quite limited. because of this, i thought a little scavenger hunt around our neighbourhood to a few of our favourit spots might be something fun for all of us to do. i sparred jeff any embarrassment that scavenger hunts traditionally have associated with them and just made up 5 little clues- when he figured it out and we finished up at that destination, i gave him his next clue. very simple, but hopefully something a little more thoughtful than just a card or the traditional dinner out. i also made some killer burritos for dinner that night- i will share that recipe another time.
jeff on his 8th birthday
finns handmade valentines for his buds
the valentine finn made for jeff
sugar cookies are my favourite treat- so i made them for jeff for valentines day

scavenger hunt clues (see below if you interested in what the cards said)
one of the stops on our hunt was the skatepark- the boys had fun
playing baseball
oh, these guys xo
here are the clues for the scavenger hunt in case you were interested. fair warning though- they are pretty cheesy. :) 

#1- Today is your birthday! Hip hip hooray! To celebrate we have a game to play. We've hidden your present and a couple of clues. Find your first one near the juice that goes 'moo'
(clue #2 was beside the milk)

#2 - 49.25745 & -123.16325 - you will be one lucky guy if you know what this clue means. let's get our order to-go, there's lots more to be seen. 
(49th parallel coffee shop and lucky's donuts)

#3 - there are playgrounds and skateparks all over the place but this one is special- our communities namesake. 
(Mount Pleasant Park- 16th & Ontario)

#4 - By now youre probably hungry, so you can lead the way- pizza, maybe sushi? Just no burritos today :) 
(Jeff got to pick where we went from here)

#5 - These tiny yellow flowers are considered weeds, but they are Finns favourite! perhaps you'll find something you need. 
(Dandelion Emporium - they had lots of neat little things- records, pocket knives, vintage stuff... a good shop to end on)