Saturday, March 2, 2013

rain drops

its been raining here a lot. typical of vancouver winter, i suppose. yesterday was a tough day with finn. he is definitely struggling to establish control and figure out his boundaries. typical of almost-three-year-olds. when a request was made to go to the beach and let his pet whale swim in the sea, i simply could not say no. we put on our rain gear and headed west to spanish banks. sandcastles were built (and quickly destroyed- obviously the entire point of building sandcastles) puddles were stomped in. and of course, whale got to swim in the wide open ocean. according to finn, he liked that much better than the bathtub. a tiny victory on a cloudy day.

a little footnote: after our challenging day,  jeff took us out for dinner to a sweet (kid friendly) flatbred spot- i was feeling a bit deflated and sorry for myself while we waited for our meal. that all changed quickly - the poor family beside us! their daughter, around finns age, spilled milk all over herself and her food and then- peed her pants at the table. as they walked out with a soaking wet kid, jeff and i just looked at each other and burst out laughing. funny how sometimes the universe gives you exactly what you need to get back to a place of gratitude. xo