Monday, March 11, 2013

uncle kyle

it's no secret that finn LOVES his uncles. he talks about jeff's brother, kyle, and my brother, nathan, endlessly. when you ask finn how he got so big, he for some reason replies 'from uncle nathan and uncle kyle!' simply put, he adores them. kyle has always been so sweet with finn. he never speaks to him as though he is just a child, and you can tell finn thrives off that. for most the year, kyle resides in fredericton, new brunswick, jeff's home town, but every spring for the last 5 or so years, he heads west to tree plant on the coast. we have always been fortunate in that calgary was a pitstop on his various trips back and forth, and now that we are in vancouver, we are just a little bit closer. kyle had quite the adventure getting out here this time around, but late last week, he finally arrived. the visit was short, but finn managed to sucker him into a lot of train track building, bike riding, and a special trip to cates park where, after a morning of playing 'super bunny' with uncle, finn insisted on wearing his super hero cape. as with every visit, it was a treat to spend some time kal and we all look forward to a few more pop-bys in the coming months. xo

finn cried for 20 minutes straight while uncle packed up his truck to leave