Wednesday, May 29, 2013


sorry its been pretty quiet around here. i have started a small company doing virtual administrative support and between that and few other things going on, i have had my plate pretty full. i am really looking forward to finding a bit more time to spend over here sharing words and pictures of whats happening in our house. for now, here are a couple pictures from the last few months that i am just now uploaded off my memory card. yeah- i guess it's been a while :)



  1. Ha! I was JUST thinking tonight in the shower (where I do my very best thinking) where you were and if I should prod you to post something. Apparently you heard me! Glad our christmas gift to charlie (a train table) might still be in use along with all the trains in a year still!

    1. hahaha! oh yes- trains seem to be the one constant in finns life! undying love for those, so there is a good chance charlie will love them for a while to come still! hope all is well!! xo