Monday, June 3, 2013

finn is three

i cant believe my baby turned 3. i know everyone says this at every single birthday, but honestly- i don't know where the time goes. a lot has happened in this last year, and i can wholeheartedly say it has all been so so sweet.

each year we take a birthday portrait of finn. this year proved to be a pretty big challenge - between him needing to see the LCD screen after each shot to the fact that he loathes getting his hair brushed, it was definitely work to capture this spirited 3 year old. i love these pictures though. to most, these are probably the least perfect of the bunch, but to me, they are a totally perfect memory of what life is like with this guy right now. unpredictable, funny, SO stubborn, but so so kind. sweet, polite and incredibly generous. his life revolves around trains- he loves watching youtube videos of kids playing trains (and semi-creepy old men reviewing various thomas and friends paraphernalia). he loves fancy nancy books, eating cereal, going to the library, skateboarding, cars, crafts, and all his 'best friends'. he loves dinosaurs (though they sometimes scare him), dogs, looking at maps, picking out his own shirts, and playing hide-and-seek with anyone who will oblige. he is a great baseball player and loves being barefoot outside. he says some of the funniest things (that he apparently learns from curious george), loves pancakes, watermelon, and corn on the cob, and is becoming so smart and independent with every day that passes. he is just such an incredible little man and i am so grateful to call him mine. i love you, my sweet boy!