Monday, July 8, 2013

boy or girl?

just like with finn, we wont be finding out the gender of this new babe. the planner in me kind of wants to know (i wanted to with finn as well), but jeff really doesn't and i must admit- that moments when they are born and you get to see them for the first time is SO incredible! with finn, i KNEW it was a boy from the very start. i just had this feeling that never wavered. i'm not so sure this time around. i feel girl more than boy most days, but i think its a lot more wishful thinking this time around. i will obviously be happy with ANY baby, but a tiny little part of me is hoping for a girl.

i recently saw a post over on sometimes sweet - old wives tales to find out whether you are having a boy or a girl. i thought it might be fun to see what the results say!

old wives' tale #1: carrying low it's a boy, carrying high it's a girl.

i'm carrying totally different than with Finn. i feel like i look small but thick and can still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans because everything is so high. with Finn he was really low from the start, and i felt like  bigger pants were needed almost immediately. this one goes to the girls!

old wives' wale #2: heart rate. under 140 it's a boy, over 140 it's a girl.

the babies heart rate was around 150 when the midwives checked, so, girl for this one too.

old wives' tale #3: skin and hair. both looking good? it's a boy. broken out and dealing with lifeless, dull hair? girl, (because apparently they "steal your beauty.")

my skin and hair has been a disaster. i felt like i looked kind 'blah' with finn, but my skin was ok, and my hair was pretty good. this time around, my hair started falling out pretty much from the start (so much so, that i recently chopped 12" off of it), and my eczema is SO SO bad. so, girl once again.

old wives' tale #4: chinese gender chart. (see the chart here)

this one came back boy (and that freaks me out a tiny bit as i have heard this chart can be pretty accurate.) 

old wives' tale #5: morning sickness. none, it's a boy. sick, it's a girl.

i was a bit sick with Finn, but not nearly as bad as with this babe. i literally was bedridden for the first 3.5 months of this pregnancy. not so fun. but, this one also goes to girl!

so... 4 of the 5 old wives tales say girl. i guess we will see what happens! I still have days where i feel like it could be a boy, and i think about how close jeff and his brother are, and it makes me heart smile a little bit, so really, its all good in my books! 

what do you guys think?


  1. Have Becky ask her psychic. Whatever she says you are having, you will have the opposite, lol. She was 2 for 2 with me. Said I was having a girl both times! Hahaha

  2. I dont really think there is any way of telling. I think it would annoy me (when i come tt having kids) having people try and guess!

    I admire your will power and not finding out the sex, i imagine the surprise being the best!


    1. haha, thanks chloe. a friend of ours once said there are so few surprises left in lift, so you might as well take advantage of the best possible one. that always stuck with me, so as badly as i want to find out, more of me is excited to wait. :)

  3. Yay, for not finding out. I always said that we would find out the sex when we have a second...but deep down I know we would hold off. Nothing beats the feeling of finding out after hours of blood, sweat and tears! I still remember the feeling and it brings tears to my eye. You look so beautiful! We are so excited for you! lots of love to you, Jeff and Finn. Xo

    1. thanks my sweet. it really is so cool to have that little surprise at the end of it all. cant wait to see you guys soon!! xoxo

  4. Ah, the old wive's tales! There's also one about a spinning needle in the toilet...? Something like that. Whatever you have, congratulations!

    I once had a lovely cashier tell me I was DEFINITELY having a girl because I would look much nicer if it was a boy. And then it WAS a boy. Uh...bye bye self-esteem!

    1. hahaha! oh no! some people. hey? i will have to look into the spinning needle one. :)