Tuesday, September 24, 2013

everything i know i learned on facebook

i find myself regularly saying (embarrassingly. out loud) 'i think i saw something about that on facebook!' and its true. so often i read about current events or heartfelt stories through articles being shared by my 463 'friends'. i dont think its entirely a bad thing. its a little bit amazing to see how social media has the ability to take a small idea and explode it into the lives of millions of people- even if just for a moment of distraction during their regular lives, but i do appreciate the organicness and impact of that process (most of the time- excluding the big chunk of completely useless 'fluff stuff' that i somehow manage to usually avoid.)

one of my favourite news streams comes from bust magazine - a gentle feminist magazine that always seems to have stories and links i cant stop myself from clicking. recently, they featured an article entitled '17 feminists of the future' - spotlighting the new generations of women and men working tirelessly and breaking new ground to better the future of women everywhere. one of the people they spoke about was comedian jamie kilstein - who recently made the internet explode by simply stating 'rape is bad'. according to his belief that comedy “should be used to take down oppressors, not [the] oppressed,” kilstein is on a mission to generate meaningful public discourse about rape culture, among other social injustices. and just incase thats not enough for to take the bait and give jamie a chance, he is also a vegan ;)

the below video is hilarious. bitterly sad, anger inducing, and unfortunately true, but hilarious. its pretty much all i have been able to talk about since last week, and is a welcomed belly laugh around an issue that is often associated with feelings of wanting to vomit.

NOTE: a word of caution that there is some colourful language used in this video.