Tuesday, September 17, 2013

these days

i havent quite figured out the words to write about life these last few months, but i also felt the need to get back to sharing- its been a wild and exhausting summer, but the changing season always breaths new life into these tired bones. i wont say things are back to normal, but they feel a lot more comfortable than they have.

this space- my little chunk of the internet- has always been my place to share. uninhibited, its the story of our lives since finn was born. i plan to share more deeply about the events that have taken place since the passing of our sweet baby roo- its just taking me more time than i thought to get it all just right.

below are a few photographs jeff captured of finn over the summer - he has purged most of his camera gear these past few months, but still manages to take the most beautiful images with the junk cameras and old clunkers we have collecting dust around the house. his eye sees moments i forever hope to be able to freeze, and for that, i am so grateful.

(click to enlarge)