Wednesday, October 9, 2013

galiano island

simply put, british columbia is the most beautiful place. ever. people always say stuff like that, but until moving here, i never really got it. like, you can never fully understand how crazy it is to experience weaving through tiny, close knit forest covered islands until you actually do it. you can never properly explain to someone how waking up and seeing the giant mountains looming over the grey city STILL takes your breath away - every single time. it's impossile to describe the way your heart flutters when you see the ocean, dip your toes in the sand, and watch your kid giggle with glee at the sight of just about anything around you. and our bc experience has been nothing more than a toe dip- we still have SO much more to explore.

this past weekend our wonderful friends, the kronbauer's, invited us along to their special family get away in bodega ridge on galiano island. it's a magical place- beautiful log cabins with wood burning stoves, wool blankets and just enough comforts to make it feel like home. we ate delicious food, napped, wondered and enjoyed each others company. the boys had so much fun together, as did the pups. it was such a wonderful weekend and i am so grateful we got to experience a tiny little piece of what island living has to offer. i wont lie, it lured us in hard... perhaps one day.

below are a few photographs i took over our 3 day visit- still not even coming close to capturing the full beauty of british columbia.

(click to enlarge)

our new dream house...