Monday, November 18, 2013

a little bit of chritstmas

this year marks the first year we will be celebrating the holidays in our own home. we have always traveled to visit our parents and siblings, but since moving to vancouver last january, we really liked the idea of having christmas at home in our own little space. jeff's brother kyle and both his parents are making the long trek from new brunswick to come celebrate with us, and we couldn't be more excited.

i feel like i say this every year, but i completely love this time of year. and since having finn, the holidays only get more and more wonderful. i used to have a rule that christmas decorating couldnt begin until the 1st of december, but only this year did i realize how stupid a rule that was. if we love it so much, why not celebrate it for as long as possible? the last few weeks have been full of planning, decorating, crafting and organizing- getting ready for a few weeks full of love, good company, excitment and delicious food. i cant wait.

here are a few things that have inspiring me this season. im loving the look and feel of bringing natural outdoor elements inside. lots of greenery, pine cones, organic feeling garlands and (of course) paper snowflakes.

(all of these images were found via pinterest. you can see more of my holiday (and everyday) inspiration HERE)