Sunday, November 24, 2013

christmas wish list

over the past few years, i have made a pretty concerted effort not to ask for much for christmas. we really don't ever need anything, and the environmental impact of so much 'stuff' is so huge, it just always seemed unnecessary. instead, we would typically think of something we needed for the house  and then jeff and i both would ask for contributions towards that item- usually in the form of IKEA gift cards. boring, practical, not very christmasy… perhaps. :)

this year i feel a bit differently. i don't know if its just been a kind of tough year and i feel like i want something just for me, or if our house finally looks like it belongs in an IKEA catalog, but this year i made a little list. it's nothing wild or crazy, but i thought i would share a couple things that are, in my mind, swoon worthy. 

ONE: madewell ribbed cardigan –  I have been searching for the perfect cream coloured cardigan to get through the chilly winter months, and this one is most definitely it. 

TWO: lap-held weaving loom - i took a wonderful tapestry making class last winter, and have really fallen in love with weaving ever since. this little loom looks like it might be a bit more user friendly than the cardboard versions i have improvised with. 

THREE: gold stacking ring - i have wanted a simple gold band to wear with my wedding and engagement ring since this summer- something thin and beautiful to remind me of roo when i look down and see it. this one is perhaps a bit more than i really would ever need from a ring (with a price tag to match), but hey- they don't call it a wish list for nothing. ;)

FOUR:  humble hilo bag - i think these handmade bags are so beautiful. and something i can see myself using for many many years to come. plus, humble hilo is doing some wonderful things, with a  portion of every sale going toward supporting women and children in developing countries.  

FIVE: kobenstyle mug - i guess technically this one is not just for me, but i would really like some new, beautiful mugs. the ones we use most have been with us for almost 10 years, and for someone who loves dishes as much as i do, thats an incredibly long time. 

SIX: fig & jasmine candle - i love the look of these beautiful candles. i love the scent of jasmine even more. match made in heaven