Monday, December 30, 2013

13 from 2013

i feel like i have said (a lot- too much probably) that 2013 was simply not my year. it's been a difficult one for many in my close circle and, if i'm being totally honest, i am rejoicing that it's finally coming to an end. something about the new year always feels like a fresh, clean start, and that is  a feeling i am genuinely looking forward to.

but despite my negative-nancey attitude, there were still some pretty incredible memories and, as is the case with life, valuable lessons came along with the hard times. i feel like 2013 was my year to grow in huge ways. i have learned SO much about myself, my beautiful husband, and the amazing support network of family and friends we have built around ourselves. we both share endless gratitude for that. truly.

anyways, every year i share some of my favourite photos from the past 12 months (which i will still eventually do) but this year i also wanted to recap a few of my favourite posts from this here blog- you know... in case you missed any.

so here we go- 13 of my favs from 2013...

finn's room

 uncle kyle

finn is three
these days
galiano island
myles alan gregory craig
rock throwing
getting back to simple
the hunt for our christmas tree
thank you all for your love and support over the years- especially this past one. it means more than you will ever know. kisses, cheers and positive vibes to an incredible 2014!