Monday, December 9, 2013

snow day

it almost never snows in vancouver, and over the last 12 months, i have quickly become acclimatized to that fact. sitting around the playground small talking with the other moms about how cold it has been. sighing over the fact that i can't get away with wearing my jean jacket on some of these extra brisk winter mornings. drinking my weight in coffee to try and keep warm.

an outsider would never believe i spent most my life in calgary.

but when it does snow here, it beautifully dusts all things green with the tiniest layer of white. it falls from the sky in magical clumps and quiets the streets around us that are normally so hectic. it usually melts within a few hours- never staying for much longer than an afternoon, and quickly the city is back to wetness. back to grey. back to rain.

as is the case with most children, finn loves the snow- especially when it is accompanied by mild weather. and so today i found my deeply buried love for the fluffy stuff. a love i have spent my entire life complaining about.