Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the hunt for our christmas tree

this weekend we got a christmas tree.

i will start by telling you how much research i did before deciding on a tree farm. many years ago, we got a tree in alberta from the junior forest wardens. it was a lodgepole pine tree, and it was, in my opinion, PERFECT! it literally had 5 branches (total) and i loved the simplicity of it. so i went on a search to find one here. and although it is the most commonly grown tree in BC, not a single one of the 20+ tree farms i looked grew this type of tree. i suppose probably because most people like to put more than 6 decorations on it. 

we dont have a ton of extra space in our home, and with the extra full house of guests we have coming over the holidays, we knew we wanted something no more than 3 feet tall. we started off at a u-cut lot but just couldn't find a little enough tree that we could all agree on. after wandering around (and taking a few pictures), we decided to venture north.

i had read online that you can cut your own christmas tree on crown land. no where was i able to find an actual map of where this crown land is, but i did read something about the trees under hydro lines being part of it. basically, i am giving you all this information, because we pretty much drove toward squamish, turned off on some side road, and found a perfect little pine tree- right under some hydro lines. im pretty sure what we did was in no way kosher (much like me using the word 'kosher' in a post about christmas trees. ha!) but- with all the driving we did, coupled with a grumpy little boy, two tired parents and a mom that simply wanted to cut down our own damn christmas tree, i say we did ok. (we also promise to plant a few trees in the near future to replace the one we borrowed.)

stoked to have cut down our first family tree!