Thursday, January 30, 2014

VanDusen Gardens

we spent a grumpy, rainy monday sulking around a beautiful garden. one of us thought it was more fun that the other.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the sisterhood - emily de nicolais

'sisterhood - a bond between two or more women, not always related by blood. they always tell the truth, honor each other, and love each other deeply, like sisters.'

the power of the internet is not wasted on me.  it's amazing to find a sense of community or likeness in something that can at times feel negative, vapid or superficial. these perfect little pockets where wonderful people exist is what all this racket is about. i have 'met' many amazing and kindred spirits through instagram, this blog, and other social media platforms. inspiring friends i would have never connected with if it weren't for a small, shared peek into our personal lives.

which brings me to beautiful emily. an amazing mom, talented artist, and warm-hearted soul, this incredible human was one of my very first instagram friends. i have loved following her life's journey over the past couple of years - a courageous move from florida to new york, perfect images of her beautiful family (and their many amazing adventures), and watching her sweet daughter lily growing up right before our eyes. all captured in pretty little square photographs. emily has also introduced me to a gaggle of other beautiful souls and like-minded mamas through her real life friends- slowly this web-community grows and grows. its pretty incredibly!

name, occupation, location
My name is Emily De Nicolais. I'm a full-time work from home mom/painter/illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY.

something that makes your heart happy
The obvious answers would be my daughter, my partner, and making art. But, let's be honest, those things don't come without the occasional frustrations. Give me a day with crisp air and a cloudless blue sky and my heart will sing, every time, without fail.

your all time favourite recipe
Um. Come back to me? I hardly ever cook meals that require recipes and when I do, I'm likely to toss the instructions aside and just wing it. But, Drea's spin on this classic dish (The BEST Vegan Mac + Cheese) gets me every time. It's to die for.

your all time favourite photograph 
Oy. It's forever changing. But, at the moment, it's this photo of my little family. Those two are everything.

something in your home that you adore 
My couch. It first belonged to my grandmother, then my mother, and now it's mine.

something on your wish list 
A studio. Working from home has allowed me invaluable time with my daughter during these first years of her life. But, it's time to branch out, for both of us.

(editors note: emily is SUCH an incredibly talented painter and illustrator. i adore (ADORE!!) her custom family portraits and can't wait to one day commission her to do a piece for me. have a peek here)

something totally random about yourself 
I love solo road trips, in total silence. I really value alone/quiet time (something I very rarely get living in New York City with a toddler.)

how people can connect with you 
Stop by Emily's adorable etsy shop - RoseMarieKittyLou. Full of incredible custom portraits and paintings. Or check out her beautiful photo stream on instagram, @eaden (SO MUCH CUTE!)

Thank you SO much, Emily! You are beautiful and inspiring in far too many way! xo 

the sisterhood is a regular feature post intended to highlight inspiring women in this world. near or far, real life friends, internet buds, or beauties that have connecting through this blog. members of my sisterhood doing great things and worthy of a bit of our admiration, love and attention. if you are interested in joining, please get in touch!

Monday, January 27, 2014

scuba kevin

finn loves exactly two things as much as he loves crackers, dancing and trains. those things are photobooths and the granville island kids market. this weekend we decided to do both. finn emptied out his piggy bank to collect enough change for the photobooth at the greyhound station, and brought along some christmas money from his auntie becky thats been burning a hole in his pocket. we rounded out the day with sandwiches and cookies to help welcome the new scuba diver (named kevin) that finn picked out at the toy store.

a pretty magical day in the eyes of an almost 4 year old.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

a new nest

since the new year, we have been working on getting finn to go to sleep on his own (as in without me laying beside him and sneaking out of his room like a prisoner making a break from jail the second i think he is out cold.) he has been doing SO well, BUT had been insisting on making a little nest on the floor to sleep on, rather than in his actual bed. we realized a few nights in that from the floor, he could see us sitting in the living room, and i suppose there is a certain comfort for him having us in his line of site. so we spent a few days getting finn on board with the idea of moving his room around, and then finally did a furniture shuffle. he is really happy with the change and i was really happy to be able to spend a bit of time reorganize and freshening up his space. 

(you can see some pictures of finn's old room layout here)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


finn and i were both sick for most of last week. a cold that seemed to keep bouncing back and forth between us. we are on the mend now, but spent the majority of our down time indoors- watching movies, sipping a constant stream of fluids, and cuddling on the couch.

i have been trying to use my 'real camera' more this year. its something i enjoy, and ever since upgrading my iphone, i have noticed a serious decline in the quality of my iphone pictures (isn't it ironic?) 

at some point, i took a few photographs of finn playing in the early evening. normally i would have spent some time adjusting these in photoshop, but once i started, i realized i kind of liked them just as they were. and so, they stayed- unedited, unfiltered, unprocessed.