Sunday, January 26, 2014

a new nest

since the new year, we have been working on getting finn to go to sleep on his own (as in without me laying beside him and sneaking out of his room like a prisoner making a break from jail the second i think he is out cold.) he has been doing SO well, BUT had been insisting on making a little nest on the floor to sleep on, rather than in his actual bed. we realized a few nights in that from the floor, he could see us sitting in the living room, and i suppose there is a certain comfort for him having us in his line of site. so we spent a few days getting finn on board with the idea of moving his room around, and then finally did a furniture shuffle. he is really happy with the change and i was really happy to be able to spend a bit of time reorganize and freshening up his space. 

(you can see some pictures of finn's old room layout here)