Saturday, January 18, 2014

inspiring spaces

lately, i have been so deeply inspired by a few really small spaces. in awe of the way some people are able to minimize all the 'stuff' in their lives. feeling more motivated and focused to push forward on my personal journey towards living more simply. i know we have too much stuff (i pretty much never stop talking about it), but i also hope that this year can be our tipping point. the year we make some genuine strides in reducing what we have, what we feel we need and what we know we can do without.

i randomly stumbled upon this beautiful blog and have been smitten ever since. james and erin live in a 240 square foot apartment in brooklyn, and have a perfect, beautiful and functional tiny space. they have a series on their blog called 'life in a tiny apartment' - survival tips and outside-the-box ideas for making small spaces work, and sifting through their archives has become completely therapeutic and wildly inspirational for me.

2014- the year we reevaluate, streamline, and cut it all back.

(all images borrowed from style me pretty living)