Thursday, January 16, 2014

she and him

i sometimes feel weird posting pictures of myself. every now and then i will feel the urge, but i always feel a little self-conscious (and little self-centred) afterward.

the other day i was poking through my usual favourite reads, and noticed that most of these blogs share photos of themselves quite regularly, and i really enjoy seeing their beautiful faces. so, i'm not saying this will become a totally regular thing, but jeff did take a couple pictures of finn and i on new years day and i thought it might be a start. we will see.

and speaking of jeff, many moons ago, i promised him i would make him a new website. we finally got around to gathering photos and ideas and inspirations, and a solid first draft is now up there! of course there are still a few bits and pieces to be added, but have a peek if you are so inclined.

lastly, and again about jeff, our good friend kelsy norman has an awesome podcast called informal education. yesterday, he posted his second last interview with none other than my darling husband. in a house filled with a yelling 3 year old, a barky dog, and a chatty wife, it was nice to hear jeff be the centre of attention for 1 full hour. its a gooder! you can listen to the podcast HERE or HERE. Jeff is episode #52- currently at the top of the podcast list.