Wednesday, February 5, 2014

getting our thumbs back...

its been a few summers since we have felt able to take on the demands of a small food garden. last year, we spent many days visiting community gardens around vancouver and watching finn eagerly offer to help out- observing, watering plants, looking for bugs, and to our surprise, trying new vegetables as they were offered by friendly gardeners wanting to share. so this year, we basically have no choice but to grow a few things of our own.

as it usually does is our house, spring fever has started to rear its ugly head with the start of february (and a couple of sunshine-filled days). over the holidays, we received a few indoor growing kits that will hopefully help tide us over until the outdoor planting, weeding, watering and eventual harvest begins.

a root viewing kit brought for finn by santa- (hopefully) growing a carrot, onion and radish. he has really loved checking each morning for new sprouts, and misting away ensuring they grow big and tall.

a 'grow your own mushroom kit' that was given to us as wedding gift. i tucked it away when we moved and just remembered it over the last couple weeks- supposedly, in 10 days it will look like this… (ha! i will keep you posted!)