Saturday, February 1, 2014

gong hey fat choy!

finn learned about chinese new year at school, and got it in his head that we should celebrate it. i have always loved learning about other cultures celebrations (diwali is a big one in our family), and of course, we were happy to encourage finn's enthusiasm while having an excuse to order chinese food.

finn told me we needed to clean the house, decorate with red, and get oranges. after some skeptical googleing, it was confirmed he was correct.

we spent thursday morning cleaning. dusting, vacuuming, changing the linens and getting the house ready for our new years celebration. earlier in the week, finn and i ventured out to richmond to find decorations and poke around the beautiful shops (i may have found my dream dishes! dishes that i would happily surrender most my other dishes to obtain!), and of course, we got mandarines (in even numbers, with the leaves still attached for extra good luck!) we ordered takeout and had a delicious vegan feast while celebrating as a family.

my friend katie and i ventured to china town the day before new years where we were told that it is believed this transition from the year of the black water snake to the year of green wooden horse is one of the biggest changes in the entire 60 year cycle. with it, we can expect giant shifts, big changes and a lot of excitement. fingers crossed thats a good thing ;)