Thursday, February 27, 2014

rolling stone

finn has never been keen on change. his reaction to jeff traveling for work, family trips away from home, visitors coming and going, new experiences (like school or places he has never been before), or even trying new foods, always manifest in the same way - tantrums, grumpy moods, emotional outbursts and many tears. there is usually a week long period of adjustment for him and a great deal of challenge and patience required of jeff and i as we try our very best to help him through a period of discomfort. many nights i lay awake with a tear soaked pillow wondering how i can possibly handle another day of this, questioning my abilities as a mother (as we do), and worried that this is all will negatively effect the person he is meant to become. it's hard work! often chaotic and many times very frustrating. but it's also a little bit reassuring to know he is content and most comfortable when we are all together. he thrives in our day to day routine with predictable outcomes and familiar surroundings. through all the struggle is a pure and sweet little heart trying its best to figure out how to cope with something we all struggle with on some level. 

and always, after the darkest of storms, the clouds part and the sunshine peeks through- he is a happy and loving little soul once again. i was lucky enough to have 5 whole days of this wonderful and sweet child to myself during the last half of jeff's spain trip. these pictures were taken by stephanie on our day trip to bowen island- finn is always happiest outside- near the water is a bonus, and having rocks to throw... well, thats the perfect trifecta.