Sunday, February 2, 2014

tiny piñatas

a few weeks ago, finns friend jane had a birthday. we went bowling and had cake and when we asked finn what he thought jane might like as a gift, he was very quick to reply 'a piñata! a watermelon piñata!' so i did a few pinterest searches and a piñata was made.

when finn found out his best bud theo would be having a 'hooray! you are a big brother!' party in calgary (and that sadly, we would not be able to make it back to be there) he thought up a few ideas of things he would like to send, and this time, an apple piñata was requested.

a few notes:

  • i used a combination of a few different piñata diy's. you can view them here, here and here
  • we improvised and made a pull tab on bottom of the piñatas so that they didn't have to be smashed and could be reused/ re-gifted/ used to store secret treasures over and over again- you can see a few photos of this tab system towards the bottom of the post. i basically just covered all the edges and cardboard flap with a several layers of tape so it fit inside quite snugly. i used white electrical tape because i had it left over from halloween, but it actually creates a nice sorta sticky bond for the pull tab section. and its SUPER cheap!
  • you can see a (poor quality iPhone) photo of jane's watermelon piñata at the bottom of this post
  • jeff is piñata hand model extraordinaire!