Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a birthday wish list

my birthday is coming up pretty soon, and although in the past i have not been much for big celebrations, elaborate gifts or fussy hoo-haa, this year i made a little list of a few things i wouldn't mind acquiring.

…ONE… the wild unknown tarot cards - i have wanted a set of tarot cards for quite some time, but had yet to find the set that was just right. these tarot cards are so beautifully illustrated, and each time i see them in stores around town, my heart flutters a little bit.

…TWO… made by hand - this book looks amazing! i am a really visual person, so i love having a book or two on hand that inspires new ideas and projects.

…THREE… turkish bath towels - vancouver is quite damp all the time, and i have found our fluffy big bath sheets brought over from super dry calgary are constantly smelling musky and damp. these light linen towels are beautiful but might also be a practical solution to our current towel predicament.

…FOUR… japanese indigo dishes - on a recent trip out to richmond, i found the most beautiful indigo dishes i have ever seen. large deep bowls, perfectly quant side plates, and unique accompanying dishes that i would happily ditch a large quantity of my hoarded dish collection for (i really really really love dishes, so to get rid of even some of these treasures is saying quite a bit about these new ones)

…FIVE… refined oxfords - i have been on the hunt for a new pair of oxfords for well over a year. there are many many beautiful options out there, but budget has always been an obstacle for me. these forever 21 cheapies are beautiful and wallet friendly.

…SIX… communinty veritas shirt - a bit of a splurge, but i live in oversized button down shirts these days. i have denim upon denim, but love the simple monochrome colour pallet of this shirt. its also made from a relatively lightweight fabric, so a welcome addition to the denim rotation for spring, and well into summer.