Monday, March 10, 2014

right now...

spring is in the air around here, and with it comes the usual feelings. fever for warmer days, sunshine and being outside, purging and cleaning the dust and clutter that a winter indoors brings, and a yearning for change- always this underlying need for something new. big or small. we are ready for the mundane to be tipped on its head and wild adventures to come pouring out. plotting and planning and hoping the coming seasons will be good to us.

in the meantime, here is what i am most looking forward to over the next few months.

eating - well. we have really started to pay more attention to the food we eat - making sure we are eating our fruit and veggies rather than just winging it. i hope the spring, with its early bounty and longer hours of daylight, encourages us to continue this focus.

drinking -more water. i used to be so good about this, but every cell in my body is thirsty these days. less coffee, more water.

practicing - patience. i feel like i say this a lot (always), but a winter of being cooped seems to have yielded more bad days than good. i hope i can stop and take deep breathe before reacting more often.

feeling - more rejuvenated and recharged. after an amazing night away with my girlfriends katie and carina (without kids or responsibilities or a single thing to do) i feel like a whole new person. i want to remember this feeling and continue to a moment for myself from time to time.

finishing - the big purge! i am trying really hard to clear out our home. get rid of everything that is not needed. working to streamline and simplify. i have made the tiniest of dents, and want to continue with this good feeling momentum.

dreaming - about what this next little chunk of life has in store for us-  my head is pretty much always in the clouds.

listening - to this talking heads song on repeat.

wearing - no socks! i love nothing more than shoes or boots without socks, and its been a chilly few weeks trying to pull this off before the warmer temperatures have agreed with it.

cooking - more cake. and bread. life is always better with these two things in it. (possibly a contradiction to the first intention of eating well, but… everything in moderation, right?)

wanting - a new everyday bag. i am totally in love with this one!

sending - love and light to all the people we love most in this world! xo