Wednesday, April 9, 2014

another birthday (finn is 4!)

i feel like i blinked and finn turned 4. this year has gone by so quickly, and once again, i look at this enormous child of mine and wonder what happened to the little babe i brought into the world forever ago.

i recently re-read all the things that finn was into at three- trains, pancakes, baseball, hide and seek, maps... all those things are still the same, though of course there are a few new things to add to the list. finn loves to paint- it's pretty much the only craft he will commit to doing for more than a few minutes. soccer, pinatas, 'good old fashioned tickles', family snuggles and getting mail all top his list of faves as well. he adores visiting his friends, playing with dogs, riding bikes, ice cream, and will do just about anything in life for a kinder surprise egg. he doesn't like candy or most sweets, but has a soft spot for apple pie and donuts (a boy after my own heart). he loves to know where everyone lives and the names of the places they are from, and talks often of visiting new brunswick and calgary. he likes to swim, tell jokes (that aren't very funny), go on adventures, skype with his grandparents, and will go nuts for green smoothie. just genuinely a awesome little dude that i am happy to get to spend most of my days with. i love you, my sweet boy!

happy birthday finn thorburn! xo

finns four year birthday portraits (and years passed below…)