Monday, April 14, 2014

finn's 4th birthday

we had a celebration filled week over at the thorburn house. a fun and hectic and kid-filled week of craziness! we really wanted to include finn in his birthday planning this year so for the months leading up to it, we talked endlessly about the things he wanted to do, what he wanted to eat and who he wanted to share it with.

wednesday marked his actual birth day. jeff stayed home from work and we set out to do a few things finn had wished for - ride a train, go bowling, and eat pizza and apple pie. we were all too happy to oblige. we made finn a sort-of treasure map outlining the days activities and gave him a couple of options along the way. in the end, we took the sky train out to new westminster, wondered around and had lunch, then came back to the city for a late afternoon game of bowling. we eventually carried our tired bones back home for some pizza and an epic dance party before happily collapsing in bed.

for his birthday party, finn had his mind set on making pizzas (just like curious george does in one of his favourite books.) we invited some special friends over, ran wild around the house, and celebrated with a donut cake (again, finns idea).

sidenote: we got a lot of complements on the rainbow party invitations we used for finn's birthday. they were a free printable download from mr. printables - so much cute FREE stuff! (our invites can be found here). we added a gold chocolate coin to the envelope and kept the rainbow theme loosely going for the party. for treat bags, we gave out a packet of sunflower seeds for the kids to plant, and made these birdseed ornaments (reusing my valentines day heart mould!))

it was a busy week and something we definitely look forward to doing again in the future. i hope to always be able to spend a day as a family celebrating this special creatures birthday - skip work and school, make a big fuss and do whatever it is that finn's sweet little heart desires (though he has been asking if for his 5th birthday he can go on an airplane- so maybe not everything he desires...)