Wednesday, April 2, 2014

visits with the powell family

our dear friends kristen and david came with their kids ellen and eden to stay with us for a few days over spring break. it's always a treat getting to visit with them- the kids run wild and have so much fun, we adults eat and drink and drink some more (is there such thing as too much?) and we soak up a few of our favourite places around vancouver- a welcomely mild spring for our snow-covered calgary friends.

it's more than that though- kristen and i met when we were both newly pregnant- her with ellen, and i with finn. our babes ended up being born two days apart, and have been the best of friends ever since. kristen and i have spent the last four year regularly getting together and endlessly talking about everything that being a mom seems to bring with it. kristen and david often travel to victoria, making pit stops to visit us along the way, so in a strange twist of fate, we probably see them more since moving here. having that uninterrupted time together is so special, and has been something we have looked forward to on many occasions these past 15 months. it was kristen and david that were (miraculously) here to love and care for finn last summer when jeff and i were at the hospital, and it was in those moments of crisis that i realized just how truly fortunate we are to have this sweet family in our lives. we have each seen a lot of absolutely happiness and complete heartache during the last several years, but each triumph and tribulation only seems to bring us closer. how lucky we are to have such incredible family friends.

kristen, david, ellen and eden, we love you all so very much! thank you for coming to stay with us!