Thursday, August 21, 2014

a few rooms

every so often, i get an itch for change. daydreams of moving, finding a fresh new space to call our own and redecorating everything along the way. i notice i am constantly (though unintentionally) seeking out beautiful images of inspiring spaces- a sure sign that the itch is approaching. and though a move is not likely in out immediate future, it is still fun to dream.

here are a four rooms that i love right now...

from top left, clockwise: hallway, living room, kitchen and bedroom

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

an almost half birthday

in the months leading up to his fourth birthday, finn decided he wanted to go to new brunswick to celebrate. jeff and i tried to make it happen, but the timing just wasn't right, so we broke the news to finn and though he was a little bummed, he got over it once he realized all his vancouver friends wouldnt be able to join us there.

over skype one evening with jeff parents, finn again explained that he wanted to celebrate his birthday in new brunswick, to which jeff's mom sweetly replied that we could celebrate his special day whenever we were together next.

and now, 5 months later on a long drive back to my parents house one evening, finn started spewing elaborate detail about his upcoming birthday party in new brunswick. it took me a moment to figure out what he was talking about, but i eventually remembered - my son has the memory of elephant and never forgets anything. ever. especially if it involves treats or presents or a celebration of some kind.

and so, an 'an almost half birthday' celebration is being planned. requests have been made for rainbow coloured balloons, a confetti sprinkle birthday cake (that he saw over my shoulder on pinterest one day and declared to be 'the most awesomist cake ever!'), and he wants to ask his cousin lily to make balloon animals. he recites his guest list daily and loves to tell everyone that will listen he is turning 5 soon.

life with this wild boy is never dull.
via/ style me pretty
via/ studio diy

Thursday, August 14, 2014

so far

we have been in calgary for a few weeks now, while jeff left shortly after our arrival to keep driving / photographing/ visiting pals through the prairies and ontario. finn and i are flying to toronto on the 19th to meet up with him, and continue our trek through canada. in all honesty, i am pretty content to skip the massive middle of the country. its beautiful and full of lovely people, but its a LOOOONG drive, and one i would happily trade for more days of visiting with our favourite people in cowtown. 

i have a (real) camera full of photos that will eventually be shared, but for now, i wanted to post a few iphone photos of some of our adventures. i managed to smash my phone within days of leaving vancouver,  but my dear friend james saved my life and gifted me his old phone- the camera on it is SOOOO much better than my what mine was, so it's definitely a happy accident.

(i also apparently only shoot vertical. sorry.)