Thursday, August 14, 2014

so far

we have been in calgary for a few weeks now, while jeff left shortly after our arrival to keep driving / photographing/ visiting pals through the prairies and ontario. finn and i are flying to toronto on the 19th to meet up with him, and continue our trek through canada. in all honesty, i am pretty content to skip the massive middle of the country. its beautiful and full of lovely people, but its a LOOOONG drive, and one i would happily trade for more days of visiting with our favourite people in cowtown. 

i have a (real) camera full of photos that will eventually be shared, but for now, i wanted to post a few iphone photos of some of our adventures. i managed to smash my phone within days of leaving vancouver,  but my dear friend james saved my life and gifted me his old phone- the camera on it is SOOOO much better than my what mine was, so it's definitely a happy accident.

(i also apparently only shoot vertical. sorry.)