Tuesday, September 2, 2014

stephanie + myles

this little nugget and his beautiful mama are my whole heart. i love them both more than words can express (though i have tried many many times in the past).

during our recent stay in calgary, i was grateful to get to spend a little one on one time with myles while steph took a moment of much deserved solo time. it made my heart swell being around him - seeing his little grins and big blue eyes sparkle as he took everything in. he's such a kind and gentle soul and the bigger he gets, the more that beautiful little spirit shines through.

it was amazing to watch finn with him- gently patting his back and offering an 'it's ok, buddy' during a rare fussy moment, eager to always be near him, hold his little hand and make him laugh whenever the chance arose. my only wish for these two is that they always share a special bond - a lifetime of unshakeable, pure, heart-filling friendship. nothing in this world could be more perfect. xo