Wednesday, September 17, 2014

the sisterhood - carina thiedeke + bree galbraith

 'sisterhood - a bond between two or more women, not always related by blood. they always tell the truth, honor each other, and love each other deeply, like sisters.'

when we first moved to vancouver a year and a half ago, carina was the second person i met there. immediately i could tell she was a kindred spirit and quickly we become close friends. she is a hard working, incredibly creative, and beautiful mother of two- somehow always managing to fit it all in and run circles around me while i struggle to put on clean clothes any given day. Never one to show up empty handed (and the most creative gift-giver,) carina somehow finds the perfect thing to bring along every time she pops by. She is an amazing artist (my favourite being the sweet illustrations she often does of her daughter, finn) and an amazing thrift store shopper- always dressed far cooler than anyone, and excited to share the details of her latest find. Our friendship has endured much happiness and heartache in its relatively quick existence, but never have i been more thankful to have a strong, passionate and open-hearted women in my life to share it all with. carina-marie, you are a true gem.

through my friendship with carina, i met the ever beautiful bree. keeping it all together, bree is a very busy single mother of two handsome boys AND currently finishing her masters at emily carr. bree oozes talent. the kind that seems endless and creative types jealously dream of tapping in to. she has one of the most inspiring and refreshing instagram feeds, full of dreamy images and beautiful surrounding. last year (during all her free time, i guess? ha.), she published her first children's book, once upon a balloon, a sweet tale of two brothers and the magic and whimsy of childhood imagination. i look forward to spending more time with bree and her boys when the winter months (ever so slightly) slow down the hectic pace of summer. she is a true beauty full of grace on so many levels. 

bree and carina co-founded peaks & harbours - sharing bits of their lives, recipes, tips and strategies that save money in the crazy-expensive world we live in. constantly about-town seeking out and reviewing kid-friendly art and design experiences, delicious diversions, and mom-reviving adventures. check it out for loads of inspiration and typical mom blog mould breaking.

name, occupation, location
Carina-Marie Thiedeke, Co-Founder Peaks & Harbours / Illustrator / Arts Manager
Bree Galbraith, Co-Founder Peaks & Harbours / Designer / Author

what makes your heart happy?
Carina: Getting outdoors with family and friends after a long week of work. Although I live in the city now, I grew up in a tiny town and am a country girl at heart. I live for those moments outside when we are camping, fishing, and exploring. I like to bring my sketchbook with me to try to squeeze in some quiet moments early morning by the campfire. Art & the outdoors, there's nothing better! 

Bree: I am happiest when I am able to give my kids the ability to see and try new things as often as we do. It’s a great feeling to be able to provide for them through jobs that are in the creative industries (design/art/writing) because I feel like I am being true to myself and my passion, while still looking after my little family. I was always worried that I’d have to resort to a “real job” because of having kids, but so far I have been fortunate that many amazing opportunities have come my way. Carina would say I’m a hustler - and I think she’s probably right. But my hustling is perfectly timed because my two boys see how hard I work to make it all happen for them, and the concept is not lost on them. That seems like a dry answer, but it’s the truth. As a single mom, my biggest fears often revolve around financial stability, and I love a full fridge and an exciting and affordable plan for the day.

your all time favourite recipe?
Carina: That's a tough one! We have a lot of recipes in our family that have been passed on from our parents. My mother came to Canada from Italy when she was little, while my dad arrived from Sweden in his late 20s, and then my husband's family is all from Australia. I think one of my most memorable recipes is my Nonna's dandelion salad recipe. It's a classic Italian peasant recipe, and I thought she was a superhero when she whipped it out one day at the table and told us all about how she often had to make do with very little, but always had food on the table for her family. A true Italian! You can see her recipe here.

Bree: I love my dad’s ribs. I don’t think I even want to know what he puts in them, but I can tell you they fall off the bone and right into my mouth. They are a true comfort food, and my dad whips them up whenever things go pear-shaped in my life, I swear. The ribs do wonders for me, give me some sort of food coma that sees me through hard times. I have tried to replicate them, but it’s not ever the same! I think I’d have to add the company of people you love to the list of ingredients.

your all time favourite photograph? 
Carina: Sheesh Jessica, another tough one! I love taking pictures, but I do have a recent one of my 8-year old daughter Finn that I think is just gorgeous. Finn has a lot of soul, and thinks about things a lot. I think this one shows her sweetness and seriousness all in one go. And maybe gives a glimpse into an older Finn, which I’m not at all ready for yet!

Bree: Man, this is an easy one for sure. I have this photo (framed!) that has followed me around on every move since having kids. It sits on top of my fridge and reminds me why I work so hard. It’s of my boys when they are one and three. The bond between my kids is immeasurable, and the looks on their faces sums up their personalities. My oldest is cautious and bossy, and my youngest thinks it’s all a big joke. 

something in your home that you adore?
Carina: My kids' artwork. My heart soars knowing that they love to paint, draw, and create. I like to keep it in rotation, and also frame some of their work around the house so they know it's awesome. 

Bree: I absolutely love our couch. It seems like the strangest thing to choose, but I had to re-furnish our home last year after some unfortunate events, and the couch was a top-priority. I indulged in a brown leather sectional that seats a bajillion people. Well, maybe only 5 or 6, but it’s the place we all end up on at the end of the day. We all fit in our “spots” and stretch our limbs onto each other. The couch has softened in the time we’ve had it, and it calls my name come 8pm. It’s also the first time I bought a warranty on a piece of furniture, so it makes me feel like an adult finally.

something on your wish list?
Carina: To explore and show our children the countries our parents are from is something I wish for: Sweden, Italy, and Australia. Growing up, I was always surrounded by the traditions and food of Sweden and Italy, and it would be a dream for our children to learn how our families lived off the land, supported themselves on farms, and how they came together as a family to sustain themselves and be happy with what looks like so little to us today.

Bree: I am saving to take my kids to Hawaii as we speak. I have been to Europe, but never been anywhere tropical! They are at the perfect ages to enjoy everything Hawaii has to offer, and may even remember the trip when they are older.

something totally random about yourself? 
Carina:  I get goosebumps and chills when I listen to certain melodies and notes in music. Like, an actual physical reaction! It can be anything from an M.I.A. chorus to a Debussy crescendo, music literally thrills me.

Bree: I write in the middle of the night to relax. Children’s stories, fantasy novels and chick-lit… it’s my version of yoga. I have recently had my first book published, and it has lit a fire under my fingers.

how people can connect with you
Carina: @carinamariethiedeke on instagram and facebook, or over on peaks & harbours
Bree: @breegalbraith on instagram and twitter or peaks & harbours are the best ways… or carrier pigeon.

thanks so much to carina and bree! you ladies are incredible and i am genuinely honored to have you both in my sisterhood. xo 

the sisterhood is a regular feature post intended to highlight inspiring women in this world. near or far, real life friends, internet buds, or beauties that have connecting through this blog. members of my sisterhood doing great things and worthy of a bit of our admiration, love and attention. if you are interested in joining, please get in touch!