Friday, October 3, 2014

home sweet home

we are finally back in vancouver. after exactly 2 months traveling all over this beautiful country of ours, we are now nestled in watching the leaves change and soaking up every last drop of sunshine before the rain takes over for a long, cold winter.

for lack of a better word, our trip was incredible. (and i will share some of the 1700+ photos i took soon...) we were lucky to get to see almost all of our family and dearest friends. we ate delicious food, drank way (way!) too much, visited everywhere we wanted to go, caught up with some of the most wonderful souls, and made some amazing memories.

upon returning home, finn was quick to make two request. the first being to see his buddies that he missed so so much while we were away. the second was to pick pumpkins and get ready for halloween. so of course, we did just that.