Friday, October 10, 2014

this is it

one of my girlfriends recently shared a story about 'this is it' moments. her and her best friend use the term to describe a moment in life that is so perfect and you are so happy, that if it all ended right then and there, your heart would be full to the brim and you would be content. perhaps a tad dark, but this past week, the sentiment has completely resonated with me. i have had not one, but two of these perfect 'this is it' moments.

on wednesday, finn and i vistited the maritime museum. the museum itself was great - we had fun and finn loved exploring, but afterwards, we sat on the grass looking out into english bay. finn crawled up into my lap, held my hands, and we sat in silance watching boats float by. clouds grazed around the bottom of the mountains and the leaves were every perfect shade of fall. i couldnt help but embrace the tears that overflowed from my eyes as i said repeatedly 'i cant believe we live here.' that moment was everything to me.

then today, a grey and gloomy day marking what appears to be the start of a grey and gloomy winter. i was determined to get over to the north shore and hike around with finn. i made him a little scavenger hunt, packed us a lunch and a pair of binoculars, and away we went. in the middle of our trek, we climbed up onto a giant rock, ate peanut butter sandwiches, and talked as we watched leaves float down from a place higher than we could see. finn giggled and pointed out all the beautifulness that being in the middle of a rain forest has to offer and i couldn't help but look at this kid- a kid I MADE- and beam from ear to ear. it was simply perfect.

on our journey across the country, everyone we saw asked how we were liking vancouver. of course our reply was that we liked it, but it definitely took being away for two months and coming home again for me to realize two things- that we absolutely LOVE it, and finally, after almost two whole year, it feels like home.