Tuesday, November 18, 2014

holiday gift guide - bestest friends

girlfriends can either be incredibly easy or very very hard to gift give to. always wanting whatever you find to be the perfect something that will make their heart swell and a smile appear on their face each time they think of you- kind of a tall order! but fret not, below are a few items that have my heart fluttering as of late. sure to please even the most difficult of gift receivers in your life. filling hearts and creating smiles for years to come.

one || sunday suppers - i adore a good cookbook. pawing them over and over until the pages start to tatter, admiring the photos, the beautiful stories and of course, the recipes! i have a soft spot for sunday dinners as that has always been a day my family gathers and eats a big, delicious meal together, so its no surprise that this cookbook is the top of my gift giving (and receiving) list this year. one that will surely be happily covered in food splatter in no time flat.

two || chilote house shoes - these slippers are made fair by women in chile under transparent eco-inclusive design-craft model. using only premium, renewable raw patigonia sheep wool and repurposed, upcycled salmon leather from commercial fisheries. a gift that will make your toes and heart feel warm.

three || astronomy print - a beautiful, large scale poster showing the sky and stars of the northern hemisphere. white walls everywhere are just begging for this print to be hung up on them.

four || 1000 flowers reglisse noire - perfume can be a bit of wild card when it comes to gift giving, but this scent is the most divine i have ever smelled. i typically avoid scented products all together, but if you are going to cheat once in a while, this is scent to do it with. organic naturals and biodegradable musks make a little touch of this spice, black licorice, cocoa, woods and musk scent complex, perfect, and suitable for men and women. (1000 flowers also has 100% natural fragrances - rose otto and narcotic flowers are both on my wish list this year)

five || state the label smock - im smitten over smocks lately. just the perfect piece to keep you feeling good as you tackle the cooking, child rearing, house tidying and grocery shopping. toss on a little lipstick and your favourite boots, and you effortlessly transition into an outfit worthy of coffee dates or an evening of drinks with your best pals.

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